Harvest Time

The Adelaide Hills are home to many orchards and farms.

This table should be used as a guide only, depending on the weather during each season the exact times when each harvest takes places can vary by up to 1 month.

As well as these fruits there’s also zucchini’s, strawberries, beans, hay bailing, meat plant work (all year round) and general labouring jobs in the hills area.

Light green means work is starting or finishing so it might be part time, dark green mean work is usually in full swing so full time work is available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come when the job starts?

Because we give jobs on a first come first served basis; if you arrive the same day the job starts, there is a good chance someone else is already here waiting for the job to become available. It is suggested you come at least 1 week before a job starts.

Can you guarantee me a job?

In Australia no one “guarantees” jobs. Guarantees come with toasters not jobs. Please be wary of anyone who guarantees you jobs as it contains a high possibility of being fraudulent.

Can you reserve a position for me?

Unfortunately in the past we have reserved positions and the guests never arrived which caused problems for the farmer. Due to this occurring we do not reserve positions for anyone.

The job starts on (x) date can I arrive a week later?

Sure, please come to our hostel jobs come up here and there all the time. The job you are applying for would unfortunately be more than likely filled.
This is because;

1./ The farmer needs to get his work done by a specific date

2./ There are many other backpackers who want the same job as you so there is a high chance of the job being filled.

I am in (Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne etc) if I fly to Adelaide will the job still be available?

How quickly can you get here? There are many other backpackers who are also looking for work to get there second year visa. Sometime we have people prepared to wait 1 – 2 weeks till work starts sometimes there is nobody on the work list and you can start straight away. It depends on the situation.

Does this job count towards a 2nd year visa?

Yes, all farming work in the Adelaide Hills Region counts towards your second year visa.

Do I need experience?

No. Most jobs you will need two arms and two legs . Farmers are looking for hard workers. Relevant experience does help though, so if you have some, make sure you let us know.